Everything we do would not be possible without the incredible assistance of our partners and suppliers. Below you will find a list of these trusted people, we encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about them. We will update this page periodically as we acquire new partners.

We’d like to thank the following websites for their contributions during 2018.

Our Platinum Partners

  1. Toronto Paralegal Services: Company serving the Greater Toronto Area with traffic tickets, small claims court and provincial offences.
  2. Depression & Anxiety Therapist Mississauga: Experienced counselor serving Mississauga and Toronto specializing in anxiety, depression and stress.
  3. Cheap Wedding Bouquets: Beautiful yet affordable wedding flowers you can order online anywhere in Ontario.
  4. The Girl Wedding Flowers: Amazing flower arrangements for weddings serving Kitchener and Waterloo.
  5. Erinvale Dance Classes: They’ve been around nearly 40 years teaching tap, ballet and contemporary dance classes.
  6. Monarch Flower Delivery: One of the top florists in Mississauga specializing in garden style bouquets.

Platinum Partner page was last updated on September 28, 2018.